Short Doku: Berlin the City of Techno/Electronic Music

Sehr coole und kompakte Dokumentation über die Szene der elektronischen Musik in Berlin. Alleine der Anfang schon: wie die Raver mit der Kamera auf den Weg in den Tresorkeller begleitet werden: so oft bin ich diesen Weg gegangen – und doch nicht oft genug.

From the legendary Tresor Club to the world’s best club at the moment — the Berghain. The first parties were held back in the 1990s in disused cellars and empty industrial buildings. Now there is nothing quite like the scene in Berlin anywhere else in the world. No other city has as many techno and electro clubs as Berlin. Techno tourists from all over Europe come to the River Spree every weekend to party from Friday evening until the early hours of Monday morning. Berlin is the clubbing capital of the world.


coded by nessus

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